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Alliance Meeting

richardcipher42, Jul 7, 12 4:55 PM.
Alliance meeting went well.  Minutes are posted in the forum.  Had good turn out.  Don't forget the homework for next meeting.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

richardcipher42, Jun 18, 12 8:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Welcome to the SharpArrows 

of Vengeance
         Guild Website

And Honor Above All
        Alliance Website

              ++  Code of Conduct  ++
1  -  Be respectful of other players in the guild and
    this includes language as we have players of all
    ages runing in all time zones.
2  -  No Drama
    officers and gms exist to help offer solutions if
    there is a disagreement for any reason.
3  -  No Disrespect of officers / gm's will be tolerated
    gm's and officers sacrifice their time to make
    your game play better and help with questions
    temps, raids, and deal with ALOT of drama
4  -  No recruiting from other guilds within the alliance
    This only leads to heartache and DRAMA.  If there
    is an issue then the alliance leaders and guild gms
    will make a decision such as allowing someone to
    move from a dead guild to another guild within the
    alliance or letting someone switch to a guild that is
    more to their liking.
ALL transfers between guilds will be approved by guild
gm's if possible but always with alliance leaders
approval to insure it is done Honorably!!
Vengeance/Richard Cipher -- Sharparrows/Mystical


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